Мarriage in 24 hours
Мarriage in 24 hours


If you fell in love with a Ukrainian girl and hope to formalize documents to take her home, and, inspired by the promo action of marriage in 24 hours believe it is true, well, do not take their slogan too literally: the civil registry can prepare the documents in a day only for Ukrainian citizens.

If one of the future couple is a foreigner, the copy of all the passport pages shall be e-mailed to the immigration service and the border control to check the entry and define whether the foreigner stays in Ukraine legally. So the verification takes 2-3 days.

Also, the foreigner is to produce his or her national passport with the notarized translation into Ukrainian. For divorced and widowed brides and bridegrooms the relevant legalized document is to be produced to prove that the previous marriage no longer exists. Furthermore, all the documents are to be accompanied with notarised translations into Ukrainian. Do not forget to legalize the documents in your home country with ministries and Ukrainian consulate or with apostille. The practice says it is cheaper to have them translated and notarized in Ukraine, but that also may take a day or two, so we in our translation agency ask couples to email us scans in advance, so we can prepare your translations and your valuable time here shall be spent in a more pleasant way.

As for Ukrainian citizens, their civil status is verified by the civil registry by search for marriage and divorced entries in their data base. That can be really done within 24 hours.

The state fee will be about 2K UAH. Another new practice in my home city – if the foreigner does not speak and understand Ukrainian, the civil registry officers will probably ask you to bring in the certified interpreter that will provide you linguistic support and will be another witness you marry willingly, knowing, what you are doing.

For linguistic support in Ukraine in the city of Vinnytsia during the marriage ceremony or for preparation of documents contact us at visatranslation.ua,

write translate@translation.ua

or call +380679906745, +380636342828 or whatsapp: +380672929298, translation in fb.

To solemnise your marriage in Vinnytsia contact communal enterprise Vinnytsia touristic information centre, also, they have a fb account

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